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86 Reasons For Committal

I’ll periodically be posting 86 reasons why you may have found yourself committed to an asylum back in the late 1800s. This timeframe is a bit earlier than my novel ‘The Bird Box’ but many of the reasons would have still been used as legitimate criteria for committal.

Let me know when you think you may have been escorted through the gates to join Jakie and the rest of the characters in ‘The Bird Box’.

Are You Insane? No?  Well, you just might be by the time we get to the end of the list. 86 reasons why you may have been committed to an Insane Asylum in the late 1800s.Read more

Suitcase Secrets – The Bird Box


Suitcase Secrets

Finding inspiration for ‘The Bird Box’ in unexpected places.




When a dead man speaks people listen. There is just something compelling about a voice that reaches out to us from beyond the grave. I’m not referring to spooks here, but rather to mankind’s phenomenal ability to impress ourselves onto the fabric of this world even long after the physical self has departed.

Music, literature, art, etc., are some of the common daily communications we have with the dead. The emotive essence lingers on. But for one fragment of society their voices came forward in a much humbler way.… Read more

Excited to share my latest novel – The Bird Box!

I love creating worlds where readers get that eerie feeling that, somehow, it all feels strangely real to them. It’s the most intimate form of communication. My words birthing visions in the reader’s mind.


I truly love this novel. The quirky but inspirational characters who have come to feel like my friends after so many long hours together writing their stories. I am excited to finally get to introduce them to you. Please let me know your thoughts on this story. So many questions raised. Lots of thought-provoking moments. A few tugs at the heart strings. And of course a good deal of laughter because even in the midsts of hardship the indominatable human spirit will insist on finding humour!… Read more

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