Excited to share my latest novel – The Bird Box!

I love creating worlds where readers get that eerie feeling that, somehow, it all feels strangely real to them. It’s the most intimate form of communication. My words birthing visions in the reader’s mind.


I truly love this novel. The quirky but inspirational characters who have come to feel like my friends after so many long hours together writing their stories. I am excited to finally get to introduce them to you. Please let me know your thoughts on this story. So many questions raised. Lots of thought-provoking moments. A few tugs at the heart strings. And of course a good deal of laughter because even in the midsts of hardship the indominatable human spirit will insist on finding humour!


And I love that as well.  – KJ Steele


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  1. Glad you are writing a sequel, as soon as I finished reading The Bird Box, I wanted to know more about all the characters. What a great talent.

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